Brand Protection

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At Zambrano we have created a very interesting work dynamic to ensure that brands not only communicate but that they can be registered.

We can help you rethink your brand to continue with the process.

We’ll adopt the following criteria to proceed covering all important aspects:

  • Precedent
  • Phonetic differentiation
  • Graphic (as a complemement in the brand set) In this approach for the new design we will take into account: positive perception, association with the type of product and remembrance.
  • Registrability: At all times we will have a legal concept so you can feel secure at the time of making a registration request.

We will take into account other previously registered graphic (logos) to ensure that there are no similarities. This is part of the brand’s planning and would positively influence the change of the concept as we move forward. We will create a report for the first graphic proposal and share it with you so that you can be sure we are on the right track.

We are convinced that we can work together to make your brand registration a planned accomplishment without obstacles along the way.

Want to know if your brand is registrable? let's schedule an appointment!

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